Croucher Science Week


Official registration is full. A limited number of seats are reserved and available for low-income families registering through HKCF down below. 

活動日期 Event date: 14-4-2019​ (星期日/ Sun)
​時間 Time: 1:00 pm - 17:30 pm
地點 : 香港科學館(低層廣場)
Location: Lower Piazza, Hong Kong Science Museum
報名資格: 低收入家庭
Application Qualification: Low-income Family 
*Proof of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA), School Textbook Assistance (TA) - full subsidy is required 
費用: 免費
Fee: Free 
適合年齡: 6-15歲
Age: 6-15 years old
截止報名日期 Closing date for entries:
4-4-2019 (星期四 / Thu)
Organizer Website: https://croucherscience.hk/hk/programmes
內容: ​
 - 攤位活動:地球零距離
(時間: 12:00-17:00)
 - 街頭科學表演:動手「玩」科學
(時間: 12:30-13:00, 16:00-16:30)    
 - 街頭科學表演:雜耍背後
(時間: 13:30-14:00, 15:00-15:30)
 - Drop-in Activities: Down To Earth
(Time: 12:00-17:00)
 - Street Science Shows: Hands on (Hands off!)
(Time: 12:30-13:00, 16:00-16:30)  
 - Street Science Shows: The Gollyology Show
(Time: 13:30-14:00, 15:00-15:30)
(Suitable for kids and youngsters (aged 6-15), families and the general public)
 - 科學馬戲團 (時間: 16:30-17:30)
 - 超能科學 (時間: 14:00-15:00)
 - 智趣科學家 (時間: 12:15-13:00)
 - Science circus  (Time: 16:30-17:30)
 - Super Science! (Time: 14:00-15:00)
 - What's it Like Being a Scientist? (Time: 12:15-13:00)
(Suitable for kids and youngsters (aged 6-15), families and the general public)
(Seats are on a first come, first served basis)
 - 火星任務 
(時間:12:30-13:30, 14:30-15:30, 16:30-17:30)
(適合 9-12 歲小朋友及家長)
(每節工作坊設有40 個名額,小朋友與成人各佔一半) 
 - Mission to Mars
(Only Sun Time: 12:30-13:30, 14:30-15:30, 16:30-17:30)
(Suitable for kids (aged 9-12) and parents)
(Each child must be accompanied by only one adult to participate in the workshop)
(Each session has 40 seats for 20 children and 20 adults
(Registration starts one hour before the workshop outside the laboratory on a first come, first served basis)
  • 以上活動以英語進行(將提供粵語傳譯)

  • Conducted in English (with Cantonese interpretation)

  • 名額有限,額滿即止

  • Registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis


Please fill in the following information for enrolment.

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Number of participants




​證明文件上載  Supporting Document Upload
參加者須上載有效的綜援受惠人醫療費用豁免證明書或社會福利署發出的綜援金額通知書 / 書簿津貼結果通知書,以證明參加者之家庭於整個評核年度或現正接受資助。收到我們電郵確認,報名才有效。
Participants must upload valid CSSA Recipient's Medical Expenses Exemption Certificate or the Social Security Department's CSSA Amount Notice / TA Scheme results notice in order to prove that the family is receiving subsidy throughout the assessment year or is currently receiving subsidy. The registration will become valid only after retrieval of our confirmation via email.
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* 如因其他格式問題而未能成功於上載按鈕上載證明文件,請把文件電郵到info@hkcf.org.hk 並注明參加者姓名及聯絡電話,並請於以下方格輸入您的電郵地址。
*If you are unable to upload the supporting document due to other format issue, please submit it via email at info@hkcf.org.hk and specify the Participants' name, Team name and contact number. Please enter your corresponding email address below:
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