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額外訂購T 恤 Purchase Extra T-shirt

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每件額外 T 恤為港幣$80

The price for each extra T-shirt is HK$80 

  1. 請輸入數量及尺碼(例:一件成人M碼、一件小孩L碼)
    Please enter Quantity & Size (eg. 1 Adult M size/ 1 Child L size)

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 2.54.37 PM.png

Size Reference:

2. 請點擊下面付款鍵以 Paypal 或信用卡進行付款。請手動輸入數量按此查看信用卡付款步驟

     Click on the below Payment button to pay by Paypal or credit card. Please enter amount manually.
(Click here to view credit card payment instruction.)

Upon completion of payment, please click "Finish".


Page will be redirect within 5-10 seconds after hitting 'Finish'.

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