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March 4, 2018

Parent Volunteer Team Recruitment Kickoff Ceremony 

​We are happy to have invited Mr. Kyran Sze, HKCF Honorary Chairman and Chairman of KYSS Properties; Mr. Armstrong Lee, our Honorary President; Dr. Chan Ka-wai, our Honorary Advisor; Ms. Szeki Yeung, our Parent Volunteer Ambassador and Miss Hong Kong Pageant; and Ms. Kacey Wu, rising child star to be our guest of honours in our ceremony.
Mr. Terry Tsui, our Executive Chairman, aspires that the Parent Volunteer Team can gather a group of empathetic and enthusiastic parents and help organizing events, providing support, materials, counselling and technical workshops to families-in-need for relevant ideas and experiences sharing. The annual "1 Child: 1 Parent Volunteer" plan will focus on continuously supporting the physical and mental development of children and promoting family harmony.
If you would like to be a member of our volunteer team, please click HERE to enrol. Thank you for your sincere support!
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